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An Environmentally Conscious Company

Dotster strives to operate sustainably in all aspects of our business. We regularly add new sustainable initiatives to our ongoing efforts, and we've found that in many cases good business decisions go hand-in-hand with decisions that are good for the environment.

Here are some of our current efforts to be a more sustainable business:

  • We purchase renewable wind energy credits equivalent to 150% of the power required for our web hosting servers. We also regularly improve our hosting infrastructure to conserve energy while adding reliability and performance.

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  • We also purchase renewable energy credits equivalent to our total office power use.

  • We offset the impact of our employee transportation by planting trees through the Trees for the Future program, and we plant a tree for each new Dotster hosting customer.

  • We donate our used computer equipment to Free Geek and other similar programs for reuse, recycling, and technology education for the disadvantaged.

  • Our in-office recycling and waste reduction programs include reducing printing, paperless billing, battery recycling, and providing employees with reusable bottles to cut down on paper cup use.

Certify Your Site

Promoting your green site enhances customer appeal and helps increase traffic to your site. Get started with our FREE Green Badges and Certificate.

If you're a Dotster hosting customer, we encourage you to add one of our green hosting badges to your website.

Displaying one of these logos on your website shows your visitors that:

  • The servers that host your website are powered by renewable energy
  • You value the environment and appreciate eco-friendly web hosting
  • You want to promote the adoption of eco-friendly hosting by others

How Dotster Employees Live Sustainably

  • I recycle almost everything, use rain barrels for watering my garden, purchase local goods when possible, compost food waste and other compostable material, try to reduce waste by purchasing goods that use less packaging and energy-efficient appliances, and I reuse cloth and paper bags at the grocery store.

    - Jason

  • I try to minimize printing to save paper, I recycle at home, and I ride my bike instead of driving when possible.

    - Richard

  • I focus on reducing my use of one-time use containers. I use a stainless steel water bottle and washable coffee mugs instead of paper cups, and I try to eat food packaged in reusable containers.

    - Noah